Cyber Crime: A Growing Crime to Mankind

The history of mankind has seen a number of changes, inventions, eras, situations, wars, growth and many things but from the past few decades the world is at peace and only focused on growing. In this growing environment the role of computers is one of the biggest deals to look on. Computers are playing a vital role in the growth of the human society. May it be the medical field or the business markets computers are equally important for all sectors. Also computers helped the humans to create a network by which we can get connected to the other sides of the world.


Computers have rooted nearly into every once lifestyle. The business world it totally dependent upon the computers so is the same story with the banking, stock and financing sectors. With its qualities and capabilities it has become a part and parcel of every family. We all tend to keep our best of the memories such as photographs, videos, and important data in the computer due to its big storage capacity. We share all the personal data such as personal private photos, videos, confidential files and folders, banking information and many more with the help of computer and the network which is created by it i.e. the Internet.

Shopping, marketing, banking, surveillance, security, working, stocks, and transactions nearly everything is done with the help of computers; so in other words we can say that all the personal information about any individual is put on the internet. This information is stored in specific packets in the internet and only you can get access to it but there are persons who are over qualified in the field of computer, they have mastered their computer skills. These are the hackers who are well known of even the minute facts of the computer and internet. A majority of the hackers work in the benefit of the society by serving their services to the companies and governmental bodies.Internet Theft

But what happens to the once who are equally skilled but still missing for the crowd, those are the once who land up doing cyber crimes. Yes cyber crime is one of the greatest threats that the mankind is now open to. Cyber crime ruins the life of the people, these hackers can easily access your data from the network by hacking into your computer under your nose and at the end of the day leave you empty handed. These cyber crimes are very dangerous for anyone who gets targeted such as

With the adding number of people using computers and internet, there is also addition of the information of every single user which is targeted by the hackers. Cyber world is now more prone to crimes as the safety of the data is becoming less as the growing skills of the cyber hackers. The cyber crimes victims should be not left freely but with the help of the ethical hackers and the sources the government should not neglect and take strict measures against the persons doing cyber crimes.


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