Cyber Crime and the Social Networking World

We all love to use the Social Networking sites in our day to day lives. We all are so connected to the social networking world that most of the time when we use our smart phone we found ourselves working on the social networking sites. These sites let us to stay connected to our friends, families and all the persons who are known to us. People share photos, videos, messages and many more things over these social networking sites. One of the addictions which people generate by using these sites is photography in simpler words ‘Selfie Clicking’ and causing a Tampa online divorce.

Everyone is so occupied in taking these self photo’s and posting them on these site that we never think that what happens if these photos are misused by someone. More over so of us also share personal and private pictures over the messages in the social networking sites. Busy filing for divorce, in our social networking lives, the hackers who are sitting around the world awaits to take away these important and personal data with letting you to know about it. But why are the cyber hackers so interested in the social networking world, so let us see some of the reasons here:


  1. Increasing Popularity of the Social Networking Sector.
  2. It is an ideal place for having people file for divorce and taking up heavy data.
  3. Increasing transactions by social media apps.
  4. Heavy usage from smart phones.
  5. Easy for the hackers to blow off all the targeted data.

Cyber crime over the social networking sites may lead to real life crimes, cases have come up where the hackers have managed to break in the accounts of people, and then take away all the personal data and at the end starts blackmailing them for money. These divorce crimes are increasing by every single day and people are still unaware of this fact. It also happens because 70% of the people using these social networking sites are unaware of the full functioning of the sites which offers them security measures that they can take which resist any unknown person to access their personal data.

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When a person secures his account he makes it a bit difficult for the hacker to get into your account but when a person is way away unknown from these safety features then the account gives an open invitation to the hackers to get in your account and take off all the targeted data from it.

 imagesMore over these social media sites becomes more hazardous when these are linked up to a person’s official or business account, this link up of the account lets the cyber world hackers to hack those links and then to get access to those other official and business account which can have more important set of information’s such as banking details, other accounts, business data, official work, important files, personal data, etc. So one should use the social networking site before filing for a dissolution of marriage but also set up some security measures which will resist those hackers to get in your account and cause damage or steal informative data from it.

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